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The Pioneers, Art & Design, Trending15 August 2020
In Singapore, the Pioneers of Art

In this age of instantaneousness, new artists come as quickly as they go. But it’s perhaps the ones who have chosen to stay their course for decades, even when the spotlight is no longer on them, who have truly finished their work.

Trending, The Pioneers15 August 2020
The Veteran Couturier Who Defined the Golden Years of Fashion in Singapore

In the ’80s, Thomas Wee was at the epicentre of Singapore’s burgeoning fashion scene, creating clothes that answered the evolving needs of Singaporean women of the time.

The Pioneers, Art & Design13 August 2020
The 69-Year-Old Performance Artist Who Defied Singapore’s Rigid Social Conventions

Amanda Heng is the Singaporean foremother of performance art who raised the metaphorical finger to conventional social norms through her theatrical acts.

The Pioneers, Art & Design12 August 2020
The Singaporean Designer Who Revolutionised Printed Matter

Theseus Chan, also known as Singapore’s godfather of graphic design, is the print world’s pioneering anarchist. Through his self-published magazine, WERK, he eschews all the rules that publishing has, upends them and invents his own.

The Pioneers, Art & Design11 August 2020
The Singaporean Sculptor Dreaming Up Giant Chillis and Spices

Meet Kumari Nahappan, the artist behind the colossal grains, seeds and spices that pepper Singapore’s public spaces.

The Pioneers, Art & Design10 August 2020
The 80-Year-Old Singaporean Potter Who Sculpts Imperfect Vessels

At 80, the legendary master potter Iskandar Jalil isn’t done just yet. He continues to create pieces that reflect his Singapore-Malay identity while mentoring the nation’s next generation of creatives.

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