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T | How To, Travel15 April 2019
How To | Travel Responsibly

In the current calamity of overtourism, Alex Malcolm — founder of bespoke travel company Jacada — talks on what it means to travel with a conscious.

Travel3 April 2019
Wanderlust: Nîmes, France — What to Eat and Where to See Roman Monuments

Once a Roman colony, Nîmes, France, has some of the most pristine monuments in Europe — and newer signs of life as well.

Travel30 January 2019
Wanderlust: Antigua, Guatemala — a Candy-Coloured City Framed by Volcanoes

With its Baroque architecture and thriving textile scene, this former colonial capital is among Central America’s most beguiling destinations.

Travel23 January 2019
Wanderlust: A Cruise Along Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay

Aboard the Paradise Elegance cruiser, an overnight sail through Vietnam’s islet-flecked seascape.

Art & Design, Travel, Trending10 January 2019
At Giorgio Armani’s Weekend Retreat, Live Swans and Gilded Arches

For decades, the fashion designer has been escaping to an estate outside Milan that proves even minimalists (sometimes) like a little coziness.

Travel5 January 2019
Wanderlust: Bvlgari Resort Bali

Discover this gem of a resort, perched atop a 150-metre cliff, on the southwestern tip of Bali.

Travel30 December 2018
Wanderlust: Phu Quoc Emerald Bay

Phu Quoc, a former prison island located in the southwestern tip off mainland Vietnam, is home to a luxurious resort under the guise of a university.

Travel26 December 2018
9 Idyllic (and Newly Reopened) Caribbean Hotels to Visit Next Year

Following extensive renovations, some of the region’s most beloved resorts are now more enticing than ever.

Travel12 December 2018
Why Vacations Leave Us Unhappy

It may sound ridiculous to be upset while on vacations, but it's definitely a trap that some of us stumble into.

Gourmet, Travel10 December 2018
Uncovering Wagyu: From a Live Tajima Cow Auction to Deep Frying A5-Graded Kobe Beef

From farm to table, we go behind the scenes to discover the meticulous practices behind Kobe’s wagyu industry.

Travel27 November 2018
Breaking Down the Rising Travel Trend: Wellness Tourism

More tourists are now injecting wellness activities and diets into their travel itineraries. But what exactly does wellness tourism entail?

Travel11 November 2018
Object of Desire: The Samsonite Polygon Luggage

A roomy luggage designed for heavy packers. 

Travel, Entertainment & Culture, Trending30 October 2018
The Best Moments from T Dialogues 2018

Here, the best highlights from our recent T Dialogues.

Entertainment & Culture, Travel, Trending, T | On Set30 October 2018
Watch: T Dialogues 2018

This October, we celebrate the first year of T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore with T Dialogues, a series of panel discussions with industry thought leaders to highlight the luxury market's key themes, trends and current practices.

Travel4 October 2018
Wanderlust: Havana, Cuba

A taste of bygone era – there's more to Havana than meets the eye.

Travel3 October 2018
Lesser-Known Destination: The South Coast of New South Wales

The south coast of New South Wales lives under the shadow of the more popular tourist destinations outside of Sydney. One writer embarks on a road trip to uncover its often overlooked charms.

Trending, Travel14 September 2018
Orchard Road: How A Quiet, Hilly Valley Became An Epicenter of Luxury Retail

Back in the 1800s, Orchard Road used to be a place for plantations and cemeteries.

Travel12 September 2018
The Rise and Hard-Won Joys of Freshwater Surfing

Adventure athletes looking to escape over-saturated beach towns have over the past decades made surf spots out of less hospitable coasts. Perhaps more surprising is that, as a burgeoning cadre of enthusiasts who happen to live in landlocked areas are proving, you don’t even need sea.

Travel7 August 2018
An Ode To Japan's Undiscovered, Aromatic Hiba Wood

Unlike the widely popularised Hinoki wood, the Japanese Hiba trees are fiercely protected by the local authorities — and has remained under the radar for years.

Travel12 July 2018
Off the Road in the New Ferrari Portofino

When speed is not a constraint, one writer conquers the narrow country roads of Italy, strapped in a supercar.

Travel11 July 2018
A Hidden Contemporary Art Hotel in London's Notting Hill

Located at the beating heart of London, Notting Hill, sits The Laslett, an offer of discreet luxury to its visitors.

Travel4 July 2018
Why is the Millennial Generation Increasingly Seeking Out Long-Term Travel?

A year-long nomadic escapade would certainly have raised more than a handful of eyebrows 10 years ago. But today, it is approached with unflinching conviction, particularly, amongst the millennial set.

Travel8 June 2018
In Tokyo's Haneda Airport, Visit a Professional Stuntman's Film Studio

Visitors with three hours to spare at the Haneda airport in Tokyo can star in their very own Samurai film.

Travel25 April 2018
A Singaporean Photographer's Pursuit of Happiness in Bhutan

"Before I went, I couldn't visualise what happiness is."

Travel11 April 2018
A Hotel Concierge's Secret Guide to Bangkok

In Bangkok, the Songkran festival will soon begin. Here, some unexpected places from a concierge's travel guidebook.

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