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T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture13 July 2018
On Set | A Doctor Removing Tattoos In The Singapore Boys' Home

Dr. Kevin Chua drops by Singapore's juvenile detention and rehabilitation centre monthly to help the boys erase inklings of their past.

T | On Set12 July 2018
Prized Possession | Botanical Artist Lucinda Law's Reader's Digest Book

The Singaporean botanical artist on her prized possession — a book.

T | On Set5 July 2018
On Set | Leon Foo, Founder of Papa Palheta

Leon Foo, founder of local coffee company, Papa Palheta, met T at The Great Room for a conversation on communicating the craftsmanship behind a cup of coffee to a digital audience.

T | On Set2 July 2018
On Set | Industrial Designer Olivia Lee

Singaporean industrial designer Olivia Lee met T at The Great Room for a conversation on the shifting definitions of design and analogue craftsmanship.

T | Illustrated Interview2 July 2018
Illustrated Interview | Graphic Designer Julie Joseph

The illustrator and graphic designer, Julie Joseph, recently produced a series of surrealist videos for Van Cleef & Arpel's Alhambra. She sketched her answers in half an hour, using a 0.1mm ink pen while sitting in a garden in Marrakech.

T | On Set29 June 2018
On Set | Singaporean Filmmaker Boo Junfeng

The celebrated Singaporean filmmaker Boo Junfeng met T at The Great Room for a conversation on the relevance of celluloid filming's craftsmanship in today's digital landscape.

T | On Set27 June 2018
On Set | Glenn Ligon

The artist remembers seeing a self-portrait by Adrian Piper nearly 20 years after discovering her work.

T | House Tour25 June 2018
House Tour | Cary Leibowitz

The artist and collector invites T into his eclectic home.

T | On Set / 13 June 2018

On Set | A Traveller’s Tale With Loewe

The irreverent spirit of the second collaboration between Loewe and Paula's Ibiza culminated in pieces that found a home in the lush tropics of Singapore.

T | On Set19 June 2018
On Set | In the Studio With Manuel Solano

The 30-year-old visual artist, a standout in the New Museum's 2018 Triennial, at work in his studio outside of Mexico City.

T | How To, Trending18 June 2018
How To | Throw A Tea Party For One

The roomy Burberry Belt Bag is a curious pandora's box.

T | On Set12 June 2018
On Set | Aimee Mullins

Backstage at the Santos de Cartier Social Lab in San Francisco, the 41-year-old American athlete spoke to T about prosthetics, and how she contested the fashion industry's standards.

T | On Set8 June 2018
Prized Possession: Comic Artist Sonny Liew

The Singapore-based comic artist on his prized series of role-playing game books.

T | On Set6 June 2018
On Set | Jeremy Sharma

The Singaporean multimedia artist on his sound sculpture, now showing at the Aloft at Hermes.

T | On Set / 21 May 2018

On Set | Claire Ptak, Royal Wedding Cake-Maker

The royal wedding cake-maker, baker, and pastry chef creates a three-tiered surprise for T in less than one hour.

T | Illustrated Interview5 June 2018
Illustrated Interview | Christine Nagel

The 59-year-old Italian-Swiss perfumer for Hermès sketched her way through an interview with T.

T | On Set1 June 2018
On Set | Doona Bae

The 38-year-old South Korean actress on breaking into Hollywood.

T | On Set15 May 2018
On Set | Developing A New Language Of Luxury with Stuart Vevers

The creative director of Coach speaks about looking into the brand's archives in search of bold moments.

T | On Set14 May 2018
On Set | Pearls of Wisdom

Viola Tan and her mother, Josephine Tan, illustrate a mother's love for a daughter with Mikimoto pearls.

T | Illustrated Interview9 May 2018
Illustrated Interview | Stéphane Le Man

Diptyque's director of operational development sketched her way through an interview with T.

T | On Set / 27 April 2018

On Set | Chanel Beauty's Themed Arcade

In Singapore, the Coco Game Center, a Chanel Beauty-themed arcade opens for play.

T | On Set3 May 2018
On Set | Go Behind T's May Cover Shoot with Coach

The 22-year-old American model Sarah Brannon on T's May cover shoot.

T | On Set26 April 2018
Prized Possession: Angel with Singaporean pastry chef, Janice Wong

Singaporean pastry chef Janice Wong has been using the same scent for the past 12 years — one that has influenced the way she designs desserts.

T | On Set24 April 2018
On Set | My Biggest Surprise with Jaime Lee

A look at Jaime Lee's journey from her days as an attorney to founding The Paper Bunny.

T | On Set24 April 2018
On Set | My Biggest Surprise with Howard Lo

A look at Howard Lo's journey from his corporate days at Microsoft to becoming a food and beverage entrepreneur.

T | How To20 April 2018
How To | DJ with Yuka Mizuhara

Japanese model and DJ, Yuka Mizuhara on her choice of music and how she hypes the crowd.

T | On Set18 April 2018
The Functions of the Longines Conquest VHP 2018 Commonwealth Games Watch

T takes a look at the Longines's timepiece, a tribute to the XXI Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

T | On Set17 April 2018
On Set | Stars of New York City's '80s Theatre

From Broadway to downtown experimental shows, the city's theatre ruled supreme. Here are some of its alumni, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Willem Dafoe, Cynthia Nixon and more.

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