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Entertainment & Culture, Watches25 September 2020
The Striking Parallels Between James Marsden and His New On-Screen Role

Portraying a historic watchmaker in IWC’s new short film, “Born of a Dream,” the actor lends a window into the concealed life of Florentine Ariosto Jones.

Watches22 September 2020
A Watch That Fuses Black and White Ceramic in a Single Case

After 20 years and about hundreds of executions, the J12 Paradoxe represents Chanel’s most progressive leap in watchmaking yet.

Watches16 September 2020
Watch Report: The Inner Workings

Skeleton-style timepieces that are by turns sporty and genteel.

Watches11 September 2020
Women and Watches — It Shouldn’t Be That Complicated

Known for its esoteric pursuits, watchmaker Richard Mille is becoming more inclusive than one would expect.

Entertainment & Culture, Watches8 September 2020
Maisie Williams on TikTok, Saving Dolphins and Coming Into Her Own

As a child, Maisie Williams grew up on television sets and in the public eye. Now we witness the actor transition into the next chapter of her life story — both onscreen and off.

Object of Desire7 September 2020
A Cartier Necklace With Opals That Shine Like River Stones

The statement-making collar also features diamonds and a standout purplish-pink kunzite.

Watches, Art & Design1 September 2020
An Artist Who Builds Mechanical Lamps in a Cavernous Workshop

From within a workshop that was once ravaged during World War II, the designer Frank Buchwald builds mechanical creatures that light up and tell the time.

Object of Desire31 August 2020
A Timepiece That Subverts the History of Forms in Watchmaking

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak timepieces might have paved its way to success in the ’00s, but the brand is now overturning its codes with a watch that is decidedly ahead of time.

Watches / 1 July 2020

The 10 Best Watches of the Year

A shortlist of the best timepieces of 2020 to connect with.

Art & Design, Jewellery25 August 2020
A Former Editor’s Collection of Animal-Themed Jewellery

Inside Foo Mei Zee’s jewellery box is a menagerie of twinkling creatures, from a sapphire serpent to a bejewelled parrot.

Watches18 August 2020
In Contemporary Times, Breitling’s Watchmaking Brags Its Commitment to Heritage

Nearly 40 years later, the Swiss luxury watchmaker tidies up its Chronomat line, an icon of its era, to reintroduce a modern slice of Breitling’s history.

Watches5 August 2020
The New Face and Facets of the Longines DolceVita Collection

One of Longines’s most classic models is now fronted by eight different coloured straps — and a new yet familiar face.

Object of Desire1 August 2020
A Steel Watch Designed by the Godfather of Streetwear

The second watch collaboration between Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design and TAG Heuer subtly disrupts a classic design.

Jewellery26 July 2020
Jewellery Made of an Artist’s Recycled Scrap Silver

In her studio, Erin Considine, a jeweller and textile artist, gathers silver detritus — and bends them into fluid pieces.

T | On Set, Jewellery / 21 April 2020

On Set | Norman Cho and His Collection of Peranakan Jewellery

Through pieces of jewellery, a Singaporean collector of Peranakan descent, Norman Cho, traces the roots of his heritage.

Jewellery, Art & Design14 July 2020
In a Sleepy Town, the Dead Become Diamonds

A Swiss company is changing the way people grieve by transforming the cremated remains of their loved ones into gems.

Watches7 July 2020
How a Monochromatic Watch Became an Icon

In just two decades, the Chanel J12 has earned its place as an icon in the watch world.

Jewellery27 June 2020
From Celine, a Pendant Designed by a Sculptor

The collaboration is a new piece of César’s legacy, and of the larger history of artists making jewellery.

Jewellery24 June 2020
What Is Sustainable Jewellery?

Transparency, for jewellers, lies in the colour green.

Trending, Jewellery11 June 2020
What Happens to Craft in a Time of Crisis? A Fashion Designer and a Jeweller Reflect

As the world adjusts to the new normal of restricted living, two artists — the fashion designer Christopher John Rogers and the jeweller Kim Dunham — share their views on creativity.

Jewellery / 26 February 2020

Brand to Know: A Jewellery Label That Began With a Rusty Signet Ring

A vintage wedding ring of a Nordic couple led to the birth of Tom Wood, an Oslo-based jewellery label known for its signet rings.

Object of Desire8 June 2020
The Watches Conjuring the Decade of Decadence

The new Maillon de Cartier watches are an ode to the extravagance of the 1920s.

Jewellery, Travel3 June 2020
The World in a Jewellery Box

In a time when we are all stuck at home day dreaming of far-flung adventures, one writer finds solace in the accessories she collected as travel souvenirs.

Watches1 June 2020
Watches as Works of Art

When not worn on the wrist, classic timepieces function like works of art, unfurling exuberance in abstract still-life.

Jewellery6 May 2020
Person to Know: An Artist Who Engraves His Mythical Illustrations on Rings

Through the forgotten art of engraving, Castro Smith creates jewellery that endures a lifetime.

Watches29 April 2020
How a Futuristic Material Revolutionised Richard Mille’s Watches

Through Richard Mille’s innovative timepieces, carbon TPT traces the identity of the brand.

Jewellery, Entertainment & Culture27 April 2020
Does the Chinese Tradition of Betrothal Jewellery Still Hold Its Significance?

As traditional gold jewellery loses its appeal among younger Chinese brides, modern interpretations have slowly won over.

Jewellery24 April 2020
The Season’s Most Lustrous White Jewellery

In timeless fashion, gleaming white jewellery makes a statement, whether chunky, minimalist or encrusted with diamonds.

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