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Gourmet, Wellness25 March 2020
The Yam Soup That Keeps a Fashion Designer Energised

A proponent of intermittent fasting, Norma Kamali relies on a simple herbal drink and bright yam soup to stay balanced.

Wellness23 March 2020
At Home, How to Run a Bath That Feels Like a Spa Treatment

A roundup of ingredients — from pore-clearing black lava salt to soothing palmarosa oil — that can help transform a simple soak into a restorative escape.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness, Gourmet21 March 2020
T’s Guide to Staying at Home, and Making the Best of It

Hunkering down in isolation? Keep the stress at bay with a delicious meal, some self-care and a riveting read.

Wellness19 March 2020
The Most Moisturising Creams for Diligent Hand Washers

A roundup of dermatologist-approved (and nongreasy) lotions to soothe dry fingers in a time of assiduous scrubbing.

Wellness, Travel12 March 2020
How to Disinfect Your Space on an Airplane

Here are some tips for cleaning your area of a plane and keeping healthy on a flight.

Wellness21 February 2020
Skincare, for Men

It’s no longer considered solely a woman’s prerogative to care for their skin. Here, treatments, facials and devices that help men get their best skin ever.

Wellness, Entertainment & Culture17 February 2020
In Singapore, Tarot Cards See a Renaissance as Unorthodox “Therapy”

Rife with mystery, the enigmatic tarot deck still sees relevance today albeit commonly used as a divination instrument that promotes self-care and spiritual healing.

Wellness, Entertainment & Culture6 February 2020
Get Healthier Through Listening

Whatever version of wellness you’re seeking, there’s a podcast to get you in better physical and emotional shape.

Beauty, Travel, Wellness24 October 2019
How to Cure Post-Travel Woes

The therapeutical ways of battling jet lag, tired skin and even insomnia.

Beauty, Wellness3 October 2019
Sanpaku, an Intriguing Form of Face Reading

According to Japanese theories on “sanpaku” — which refers to eyes in which the white space around the pupil is visible either above or below it — it does not bode well for the individual.

Wellness3 September 2019
Can Flowers Unlock Health and Happiness?

Botanical treatments, originating from ancient practices, are surging for a return — along with their purported promises of spiritual well-being.

Wellness21 August 2019
Practising Self-Care Down There

In a time when “self-care” has become an established sociocultural obsession, a new wave of high-end products targeting the vulva has aptly surged, parking their oils and serums under the novel category of luxury intimate care.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness1 July 2019
Instagram Therapists Are the New Instagram Poets

Mental health professionals are speaking to the “therapy generation” online, at no cost. And it’s bringing in business.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness12 June 2019
Yoga’s Instagram Provocateur

Raised in bohemia at the Chelsea Hotel, Alex Auder now punctures the wellness world on Instagram. Can you blame her?

Wellness3 June 2019
Japanese Self-Healing Methods to Lead Better Lives — Three Singapore-Based Practitioners Tell

The secret to living longer, better lives as told by the age-old guiding principles of the Japanese.

Trending, Wellness15 March 2019
Why Do We Wear Black So Much? A Fashion Psychologist Explains

There is much more to black’s fiercely enduring appeal beyond the function of easy matching. The colour black is, indeed, a form of armour.

Wellness11 February 2019
Therapy Dogs, the Calming Antidote to Anxiety

In Holland Village’s neighbourhood, an animal-assisted therapy practitioner uses the human-canine bond as a catalyst towards a state of mental relaxation.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness9 January 2019
It’s Time To Look At Your New Year’s Resolutions Differently

Are we blindly writing New Year’s resolutions and haphazardly trying to fulfil them? Andrew Stead, a life coach weighs in.

Trending, Wellness8 January 2019
Tapping Into Mindful Retail Therapy

A trivialised yet potent method for the betterment of oneself, apparently.

Wellness24 August 2018
Singaporean Men — Called To The Barre

These traditional ballet conditioning classes are sprouting all over the island, and men are invited.

Wellness16 May 2018
In Singapore, The Rise of Co-Wellness Spaces

Co-wellness spaces are the next step from co-working offices for the fitness and health entrepreneurs.

Wellness15 September 2017
The 121-Year-Old Art of Lymphatic Massage

A method increasingly popular to slim the face and body. Is it science or pseudoscience?

Wellness4 August 2017
A Clean Burn – With Soy Wax Candles

Most of our favourite candles are made of paraffin wax. But here's a healthier, non-toxic option – soybean wax.

Wellness31 July 2017
How to Cleanse & Recharge Your Crystals

Stretch the longevity of your crystals with a few simple steps.

Wellness21 July 2017
What Exactly Is Shiatsu Massage?

You've heard of it, but what is it? A glance at the history of this ancient Japanese therapy, a session, and what it has in store for your health.

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